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Hello there,

Thanks for taking the time to visit the Bass Empire Mastering studio website.


My name is Mike Mamone (Director) also known as               I am a professional mastering & audio engineer. Currently I work alongside various musicians, record labels & producers, providing outstanding engineering and mastering services, from my studio here in Melbourne (Australia).


This site was created in order to provide a simple & easy solution, for clients of all musical backgrounds, to simply upload and have their musical masterpieces polished to the highest of standards by our engineers. Whether it's Techno, EDM, Rock, Pop, Hard Dance, Cinematic

or Acoustic genres, at Bass Empire we've got you covered.


We deeply understand that different genres of today may require different sounding masters in order to achieve excellent results. With meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer service, we provide the ultimate satisfaction for our clients.


Our BIGGEST asset is our pricing, which includes both Mastering and Engineering if required!

Other places regularly charge more than double for these extra services, which we include standard at Bass Empire.

If you're ready to have your latest creation sonically perfected, simply fill out some basic details and upload your track here

via our                       tab and you're done.


If you would like any further information have any questions please visit our Track Preparation page for all general enquiries.




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