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Mike Mamone (Dj eM)

Managing Director

Bass Empire Studios


Mike's knowledge, professionalism, industry experience and passion for his craft ensured his respectable reputation within the music industry. His career and diverse still-set vary from, Dj/Producer, (Dj eM), promoter, AV technician and audio engineer, as well as music technology sales assistant manager. His primary areas of specialty are; live sound, studio equipment, sound design and professional audio solutions. 


His humble beginnings date back over 20 years, operating his own mobile Dj business and booking functions on a weekly basis. From these early gigs he was able to glean valuable experience, discovering new genres of music and honing that tricky knack of reading and entertaining a crowd. As soon as he turned 18, he found himself playing in venues throughout Melbourne, his love of dance music taking him from the mobile scene to the clubs at age 17.


Constantly moving onwards and upwards, he's had the privilege of both playing and headlining some of Australia's biggest dance parties alongside some of the biggest hard dance acts in the world. This natural progression saw Mike producing his own music as well, creating multiple chart topping track on some of the biggest global dance music distribution sites.


In his spare time, you can find him working and tutoring in his studio, aptly named "Bass Empire" providing specialist services in Dj/Production tuition and professional audio mastering for various local and international artists and labels within the industry.

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