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In order to achieve the best possible results, please follow these steps before submitting your tracks for mastering.
  • Please avoid the use of any limiting or compression on the master bus
  • Please allow for a minimum 1-bar silence at the beginning & end of each track
  • Please allow for a minimum -3dB headroom at peak level
  • File formats may be either uncompressed AIFF or WAVE
  • Please ensure audio quality is no lower than 16-bit / 44.1-kHz
  • Maximum allowable track length is 8 minutes (if longer, please advise)
  • Please avoid the use of any dithering, maximisers or normalisation during bounce-down/export
For further assistance with these steps, feel free to let us know.
If you feel you may require some additional assistance or general advice with any of your productions before
making a booking, you're  more than welcome to send them trough for a preliminary check ad assessment
by our team.
We will be happy to provide you with any tips or advice on how to tackle any problems and help eliminate
any inconsistencies within your mix. This is one of the many way we ensure the highest quality results and
best of all this service is FREE OF CHARGE!



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